Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jambo from OTEPIC in KENYA

We are planting and weeding crops in our demonstration plot. We are tending kale, sweet potatoes, black nightshade,and making more charcoal briquettes. Here is an inspiring message for you:

At times you feel you want to cry
And life seems such a trial
Above the clouds there's a bright blue sky
So make your tears a smile.

As you travel on life's way
With its many ups and downs
Remember its quite true to say
One smile is worth a dozen frowns.

Peace and joy,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our villagers plant trees and our children learn how trees help us prosper

The children helped carry tree seedlings, in the process learning how important trees are to the health of our planet. We planted Grivela robusta because it is friendly to the crops. We are reforesting the bare field. In our village, it takes a child to raise a forest as they will be the caretakers of these trees long after we have passed on.
In my garden there is a large place for sentiment. My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams. The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers, and the dreams are as beautiful.
~Abram L. Urban

May your harvest be rich and bumper!