Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rain, planting seeds, buying land

It is raining now, and it’s the best time for women and men in the communities to put the seed in the ground and to nurture it till it matures so that we can have a bumper harvest.

I have been visiting students in several schools and they have formed the Youth CREW (Cultivating Respect for the Environment and the World). I believe that our youth bring people down to earth because they are interested in learning the old, sustainable ways of living used by our grandparents so that our nation and civilization can be built upon a strong foundation.

The good news is that we managed to get 1200 dollars donated from a friend so we purchased land for fully operating mini farms for education, development and research. Because the land cost 3000 dollars, we will need to raise more funding, but in the meantime, we are fencing the land, setting up the beds and starting to make beautiful compost!

Let's pray for each other in all our endeavors. May your harvest be rich and fertile. . .

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