Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Garden as Revolution

Have you ever thought of how you can feed an ever-increasing population from a small piece of land without destroying the environment? Small farms are where agricultural advances are nurtured and new ideas conceived by people solving nature's puzzles.
When GROW BIOINTENSIVE components such as double digging, close spacing, composting, carbon farming, crop diversification, whole farming systems, and calorie farming are adopted, gardening is transformed from task to craft.
If GROW BIOINTENSIVE practices and principals are adopted, backyard and back-forty farmers can tune the existing balances of the natural system and easily grow crops that they have dreamed off. This type of agriculture is not complicated. It is a straightforward way of raising more food to feed people while feeding the soil. Difficulty only arises when you misunderstand how its magic works.
Lucky the OTEPIC Organization has adopted these amazing technologies. Lucky for me, I have learned from a number of excellent teachers over the years. I owe a debt to all of them for the knowledge I gained. Their intention to teach and help was turned into the real action. I have become a revolution artist who grows irresistible food so that our world will be whole and powerful again. See the photos of the OTEPIC garden.

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