Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kenyan farmers plant and tend compost in community classes

We are determined to reach many people by teaching sustainable farming even though our community is going through hard times. Recently I read a book about the shakers that really encouraged me:

"The shakers were practical idealists. They did not dream vaguely of the conditions they would like to see realized. They went to work to make these conditions an actuality. They wasted no time on raging against competitive society or in complaining bitterly that they had no power to change it. Instead they build a domain of their own, where they could arrange their lives to their liking.”

Over time and with continued effort, I know we will succeed. Thank you very much for being with us during this difficult time. Attached are pictures of another farmers training that we did.
In solidarity, in friendship, in hope for a better tomorrow . . ..Philip

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